Save for Bionic Commando

Savegame for Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing
The game passed by 100%!

1. Install the included savegame
2. Start game
3. a) Choose ‘Single Player’
-> ‘Level Jump’
* all Acts/Chapters/Levels are accessible
-> ‘Continue Game’
* Savegame ‘The Final Battle / Normal (94%)’
b) Choose ‘Options’ -> ‘Extras’
* ‘Gallery’: 34 Objects are unlocked
* ‘Prototype Weapon’: unlocked and activated
* ‘BC Retro Outfit’: unlocked and activated
* ‘Purple Matrix’: unlocked and activated
(Opens the purple door in level ‘Act I’ / ‘Chapter III’ / ‘Fissure I’)

Your current savegame will automatically be backuped


Only really necessary files will be installed (no foreign config-files etc.)

Download save