Save for Dead Space

Dead Space

Savegame for Dead Space
The game passed by 100%!

So, copy the folder “Electronic Arts” from the archive in “My Documents”. After that, start the game and you will be prompted to save the two slots:
1 slot – the first ascent of the game Dead Space at the level of “Unreal” (the highest level of complexity, called first-pass any other level)
2 slot – the second ascent of the game at an unreal level of complexity. Download this slot you will begin to play a third passage. With this you get:

Standard bonus upon completion of the game:
– 50,000 loans
– 10 power units
– File
– A scheme to buy a costume Soldiers (Power Suit Level 6)
– Bonuses from me personally that you would find in a safe first got the store:
– 58 300 credits (a total of 108,300 credits)
– Power Suit Level 5 (taking into account the available money you can buy a Soldier costume once, or play further with the spacesuit engineer level 5)
– All weapons – I bought all 6 types of weapons and upgrade all the parts! You can upgrade empty nodes Dummy that I walked in the diagrams, but it is meaningless. You will be able to play immediately pumped arms!
– Sets of all patrons and better things (most first-aid kit, the average air tank * battery) – all are represented in the number of sets of 5 pieces of each type. The fact that the game has a glitch – the capture of weapons from the safe, it is only 1 cartridge (I have personally so). So I put on 5 stores for each weapon: 500 pulse rounds, 20 batteries, torch, 7.5 liters of napalm (750 Napalm =)), etc.

Notes from me:
* – As I understand the game does not have much oxygen cylinder. There are some evidence:
1) when picking up a large oxygen tank circuits (there are several pieces can meet, sort of) in the store, we learn that this scheme is a great kit, or something else. Strange, is not it? It seems that the game cut out of the BKB
2) The suit supports a maximum of 2 minutes of oxygen. In applying the average oxygen cylinder on its last legs, I was reduced oxygen to the fullest. Conclusion – why BKB if SKB restores oxygen to the max?

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