Save for Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

Savegame for Splinter Cell Chaos Theory
The game passed by 100%!

Start the game.
in the game, select a profile Sam Fisher.
You will have access to all missions, driven by 100% (each)

Also during the game, press the following keys (control on num):
0 – Invisibility Off
1 – Invisibility On
2 – God Mode On Off
3 – get 30 rounds of SC-20K
4 – get 20 rounds Pistol SC
5 – freeze enemies inc Off
6 – flying through the walls (ghost)
7 – flight (you can not walk through walls)
8 – Walk (off the ghost and flying)
9 – get Elektropatron

Management letters (English layout):
G – get Aerokoltso
H – a smoke grenade
i – a Wall-mine
j – a Mini-Cams
K – a grenade
L – a light grenade
M – the total charge in the stores of weapons (ie, 20 rounds of ammunition in the store pistol and 30 rounds of ammunition in the store SC-02K)
N – Maximum Health
U – get 7 rounds Shotgun
X – get 6 rounds of 20 mm sniper rifle

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Ubisoft\Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Chaos Theory\Profiles

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