Save for Bully Scholarship Edition

Bully Scholarship Edition cover

Savegame for Bully Scholarship Edition
The game passed by 100%!

– Complete all story missions
– Complete all the secondary missions
– 5 levels in all classes
– Failed all 5 lessons
– All gum (75shk)
– All cards (45shk)
– All the Elves (25sht)
– All transistors (6 pieces) and take them to the homeless
– 100 km on foot
– 100km on a skateboard
– 100km on a bike
– Complete all events in karting
– All the cycling
– All boxing matches
– Work on a lawn mower (3 levels in the park, and 3 at home)
– Work newsboy
– Approximately 40-50 orders
– All clothing
– The final album
– Once on each attraction (3pc)
– All games in an amusement park (4 pieces)
– All items in the store in an amusement park
– 20 times the fire alarm
– Records (only 1) on the slot machines (Consumo, Nut Shots, Monkey Fling)
– Minted (on the edge of a football field) and penalties (around the gym)
– 500 cans of soda
– All pumpkins
– All the tombstones
– Beaten pirate
– One of each group of graffiti
– Clear all 40 secrets

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– Storyline complete
– Completed all side quests except Lawn Mowing, Postman, Racer, etc.
– Collectibles not collected
– Some of the orders from random people have not been completed
– Most of the items were not purchased, including items for amusement park tickets and regular clothes
– The school album is not completely filled out
– Completed all the lessons on the fifth level, including geography

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– Storyline complete
– Savegame made on version 1.200

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Copy files from archive to My Documents\Bully Scholarship Edition